Agenda for Saturday, May 4, 2019

Agenda for Saturday, May 4

8:00 am:  Registration Opens

9:30 am:  Welcoming Remarks/Keynote Address

You are Already the Hero of Your Own Story
Presenter:  Barbara Abernathy PhD, LMHC Pediatric Oncology Support Team, Inc., Transplant Survivor
Learn about strength-based coping and how to use mindfulness to build resilience after transplant.

10:30-11:30 am: (choose one)

Strive to Thrive: How to Protect Your Health after Transplant (also at 11:45)
Presenter (allogeneic transplant survivors):  Ernesto Ayala MD, The Blood and Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Program at Mayo Clinic in Florida
Presenter (autologous transplant survivors): Nosha Farhadfar MD, UF Health Blood and Marrow Transplant Program
Panelist (autologous transplant survivors): C. Paige McVey MMS, PA-C, AdventHealth
Learn about medical complications that can develop months or years after transplant. Learn how you can minimize the risk of developing problems and get appropriate treatment if a complication occurs.
Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster of Survival (also at 11:45)
Presenter:  Sameet Kumar PhD, Memorial Cancer Institute
Learn strategies for managing emotional challenges that can occur after transplant, the benefits of peer counseling and professional counseling, and how to seek help online and in your community. 
Optimizing Nutrition after Transplant: Facts and Myths about Popular Diets (also at 2:15)
Presenter:  April Rozzo MS, RD, CSO, LDN, Florida Cancer Specialists
Learn about the role of nutrition for recovering transplant patients, strategies for managing eating difficulties, and common myths about nutrition.
Your Personal Survivorship Plan: What, Why and How
Presenter: Linda Burns MD, National Marrow Donor Program®/Be The Match®
Learn the components of a successful long-term survivorship plan and the role you, your family caregivers, your transplant team and your local doctors play in creating and implementing a successful plan.
Pediatric Track:  Growth and Endocrine Issues after Surviving a Pediatric Transplant
Presenter:  Michael Nieder MD, Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute
Learn how transplant can affect your child's thyroid function, growth, puberty and other endocrine functions. Learn who's at risk for developing these problems and how to manage them if they occur.
Workshop for Pediatric Transplant Survivors and Siblings (ages 5-12)
Presenter: Dara Jackson, CCLS, Johns Hopkins All Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Institute
Supervised activities for pediatric transplant survivors and siblings, ages 5 to 12. Your children will participate in therapeutic and fun activities with a Child Life Specialist and volunteers while you attend workshops intended for adults.

11:45 -12:45 pm: (choose one)

Introduction to Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease (GVHD)
Presenter:  Marcie Riches MD, MS, BMT and Cellular Therapy Program at the University of North Carolina and Lineberger Cancer Center
Learn what causes chronic graft-versus host disease (GVHD) after a transplant using donor cells, which organs it affects, and how it is managed.
Yoga and Meditation for Transplant Survivors and Caregivers (also at 2:15)
Presenter: Nancy Sinton C-IAYT, E-RYT500, MBA, Breathlink Yoga Therapy
Try some simple yoga and meditation techniques you can use to reduce stress.
Pediatric Track: Protecting Your Child’s Health after Transplant/Transitioning to Adult Care
Presenter:  Lynda Kwon Beaupin MD and Gretchen Vaughn BSN, MSN, APRN, Johns Hopkins All Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Institute
Learn about cardiovascular issues, pulmonary complications and secondary cancers that can occur after a pediatric transplant, and how to help your child transition from pediatric to adult healthcare.
Workshop for Pediatric Transplant Survivors and Siblings - Session 2 (also at 10:30 and 2:15) (ages 5-12)
Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster of Survival (also at 10:30)
Strive to Thrive: How to Protect Your Health After Transplant (also at 10:30)

1:00-2:00 pm:  Lunch and Presentation with Special Guest

2:15-3:15 pm:  (choose one)

Herbal Remedies and Supplements: Are They Safe?  Do They Help?
Presenter:  Queenet Ibekweh PharmD, BCPS, BCOP, Miami Cancer Institute/Baptist Health South Florida
Learn how popular herbal remedies, botanicals and supplements can affect the health of transplant survivors.
Managing Sleep Problems after Transplant
Presenter:  Eric Zhou PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Learn how insufficient sleep affects your physical and psychological health after transplant, barriers to getting enough sleep, and techniques for falling and staying asleep that are supported by research evidence.
Pediatric Track: Helping Your Child with Learning and Organizational Challenges Following Transplant
Presenter:  Jennifer Katzenstein PhD, ABPP-CN, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital
Learn about organizational and learning challenges that can occur after your child’s transplant, and strategies to use at home and at school to help your child.
Welcome to the Cancer Cafe: A Myeloma Patient's Journey to Transplant
Presenter:  Judith Dambowic, PT, Myeloma/Transplant Survivor
A one act play about one woman's extraordinary journey from a diagnosis of multiple myeloma through stem cell transplant.
Workshop for Pediatric Transplant Survivors and Siblings - Session 3 (also at 10:30 and 11:45) (ages 5-12)
Optimizing Nutrition after Transplant: Facts and myths about Popular Diets (also at 10:30)
Yoga and Meditation for Transplant Survivors and Caregivers (also at 11:45)

3:30-4:00 pm:   Reconvene for Networking Groups

4:15-5:30 pm:   Networking Groups

Relaxing, small group discussions with other survivors, caregivers and family members to share experiences and ideas about managing life after transplant. Meet new friends, say what's on your mind, and find support.

5:45-7:30 pm:   Reception

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