Druzy Necklace

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Make a statement with this stunning amethyst druzy Sparking Serenity necklace crafted exclusively for BMT InfoNet by designer, Deborah Coe.  On a 16" gold chain.   This lovely necklace is the perfect gift for anyone whose life has been touched by transplant.

What is a druzy? 

A druzy is a geogical formation of tiny crystals deposited on beautiful stones, like amethyst, that sparkle and shine in the light. This druzy comes from a rich vein of amethyst in Uruguay that is prized for its beauty. Because they are created by nature, no two druzies are exactly alike.

Throughout the ages amethyst has been considered a powerful source of protection against illness and emotional challenges.

Wear this druzy as a symbol of love and support for those touched by transplant.

Each druzy comes in a gift box with an insert explaining its significance.