Firestone Necklace

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These beautiful firestone necklaces were created by artist Stephanie Tantillo to honor and benefit bone marrow, stem cell and cord blood transplant patients.

Each necklace features a dichroic glass stone that was created by applying micro-thin layers of metal oxide to glass and heating it in a vacuum furnace. The glass was then cut, stacked and fused together in a kiln multiple times at very high temperatures. The result is a unique, luminescent jewel that beautifully captures and reflects the light.

Each jewel measures approximately 5/8 inch wide, and is hung on a high-quality 18-inch sterling silver chain imported from Italy with an anti-tarnish coating. The necklace can be worn with formal and casual attire alike.

Choose a square, shimmering white jewel or the rainbow burst circle that sparkles with colors of blue, yellow, pink and/or green. Due to the process involved in creating the stones, no two pieces are alike and may vary from the photos shown.

Necklaces are packaged in an organdy pouch and gift box, with a note inside indicating that the purchase benefits bone marrow, stem cell and cord blood transplant patients.