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Find information about bone marrow, stem cell and cord blood transplants.

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This website is designed to help patients and their loved ones as they go through a bone marrow, stem cell or cord blood transplant (blood stem cell transplants). There is a wealth of information to help you before, during and after transplant.

Learn about Bone Marrow, Stem Cell and Cord Blood Transplants

If you are unfamiliar with blood stem cell transplantation, we suggest you visit these pages for an overview:

Choosing a Transplant Center

If you have not yet decided where you will have your transplant, these pages can help you decide:

Preparing for a Bone Marrow, Stem Cell or Cord Blood Transplant

Choosing a transplant center is just the first step.  There are a number of other issues you will need to consider before the actual transplant:

Donating and Collecting Bone Marrow or Stem Cells

If a family member will be serving as your bone marrow or stem cell donor, he or she will find these pages helpful:

Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplants

If your child is the transplant patient, you'll find helpful information about how and when to discuss the transplant procedure with your child on this page:

The page also gives you tips on how to help your child's siblings prepare for the transplant and the changes the transplant will cause in the family routine.

Talk with a Transplant Survivor or Family Member

Would you like to talk with someone who has been through transplant, either as the patient or family caregiver, to learn how they managed the experience?

Our Caring Connections Program can put you in touch with a survivor or family caregiver who can answer your questions and provide support.

Learn What Happens During Transplant and Early Recovery Period

This section of our website will acquaint you with the actual transplant procedure.

What You Need to Know about Returning Home after Transplant

When you are ready to return home, there is important information you and your family need to know.

Complications after Transplant and Protecting Your Health Long-Term

You will need to monitor your health carefully after your transplant for the rest of your life.

We also have an extensive Video Learning Library with expert presentations on how to manage problems that may arise after transplant.

Get Involved!

After transplant, survivors and their caregivers often have a new perspective on life and want to help others who are facing a transplant. If you are looking for ways to get involved and help others, check out the Pay It Forward section of our website.

We Want Your Feedback

If you still have questions after reviewing our website, don't hesitate to give us a call at 888-597-7674 (outside the U.S. 847-433-3313). You can also email your questions and suggestions to Our goal is to make this website as helpful as possible during every phase of transplant.  Let us know what we're doing well and how we can improve!

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Updated August, 2023