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Welcome to BMT Infonet's GVHD Wall of Hope, a dedicated platform created to inspire hope and raise awareness about graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). By sharing personal stories and experiences, we aim to shed light on this challenging condition, while instilling hope for improved treatments and outcomes. Join us as we unite those living with GVHD and medical providers.

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  • Brad

    I'm sharing a poem that expresses the feeling of having GVHD, as a result of a stem cell transplant with my brother as my donor:


    Genetically Modified Organism one part of me does not like the others senses a separate origin elsewhere hurts what hinders its self... Read more
  • Wristband

    The annoyance of GVHD comes and goes, but the beauty of life and all that is before me is what I live for. Peace and blessings, you can do this too!!


    For those who deal with GVHD daily, myself included, it can be a life disruptor to be sure. It is important to access through your transplant care... Read more
  • Chistine

    Find the good in every day, and keep smiling. As my donor sister says, smiling is the best.


    One day, I know I will be GVHD free and live a long, healthy life with my sister’s cells running through my body. Until then, I will warrior on!... Read more
  • Patty

    Thankfully, I have a loving, supportive family and community. Grateful to be celebrating another year post-transplant.


    I’m years from transplant and have been leukemia-free ever since. However, the invisible struggle of GVHD is frustrating and discouraging. Thankfully... Read more
  • Gregg

    Life. This is the one life we get. We have to fight for it. Since birth really. Don’t give up. I have wanted to so many times. We can beat this. Enjoy life when you can. Laugh. Love. Dance and sing. Do it all!


    To be honest the GVHD has been rough. Worse than the chemo treatment for the AML. I’ve had kidney failure and on dialysis. I lost the strength to... Read more
  • John

    I am inspired to continue fighting so that I can take care of my family and loving wife and see my children grow.


    My message of hope is that GVHD can be managed and sometimes beaten outright. My eye GVHD used to be totally debilitating, my eyes hurt all the time... Read more
  • I want him to be a normal child one day


    My son is 5 and he has never been to school. He is a super star who’s has been through so much but loves life and everyone in it. He goes to the... Read more
  • Wall with message of hope

    Street art from Belgium

    Helene, BMT physician from Belgium 

    With all my respect for the difficulties GvhD patients face despite our best efforts to help.
  • Wristband

    Strength doesn't come from overcoming what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't!


    Strength doesn't come from overcoming what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't! I have this t-shirt and a... Read more
  • Becky

    I fight GVHD for my husband, family and for others like me.


    Hope-Having Only Positive Expectations!!! Focus on the Blessings you have not on what you may not have or feel you lost. I fight GVHD for my husband... Read more
  • GVHD Wal of Hope

    It gets better... Things will get better.


    I experienced acute GVHD shortly after transplant. It changed my skin and prevented me from being able to eat for a very long time. It gets better... Read more
  • Looking forward to the time when I no longer fear GVHD because it has not come back!


    I got a very severe skin rash just a few days after leaving the hospital following the BMT (Haplo match from sister for AML). They thought it was... Read more
  • We're inspired by today's patients to help make allogeneic BMT a fundamentally safer procedure for future patients.

    Ossium Health

    In recognition of the immense hardships GVHD patients face today, we're researching new cell therapies to safely and effectively prevent and treat... Read more
  • Wristband

    Even with all my GVHD, we are grateful for our lives and all we are blessed with.


    It’s one thing to have a Tattoo of a song But no fun when a Tattoo goes wrong Blotches and Spots that come and go Makes you wonder will this Always... Read more
  • #GVHD Day Wristbands

    I hope that a cure can be found one day and that we can all dance in celebration of a cure!


    I am a Penn State Nursing Student who has had the wonderful opportunity to be paired with a patient through the Cancer Institute. My patient and... Read more
  • Steve

    GVHD is an inconvenience but I am alive.


    I still get to celebrate time with my family after my transplant.
  • Rck

    My message of hope is to never give up....


    My message of hope is never give up, this is my second cancer since 2014, multiple myeloma. Then in 2019 ALL, which my sister was my donor with a 100... Read more
  • The Rehab Staff at Stanford Health Care are fighting alongside our patients and families.

    The Rehab Staff

    The Rehab Staff at Stanford Health Care are fighting alongside our patients and families.
  • Wristband

    You are all strong and I admire you for your positive outlook
    Stay well


    It was certainly a battle for over a year but slowly I started feeling myself Many thanks to my Drs and husband for support. 
  • Wristband

    Even with all my GVHD, we are grateful for our lives and all we are blessed with.


    Thank goodness, I have the best team of professionals handling every aspect of my GVHD. Tacrolimus, Photophores and lots of hope. I’m slowly getting... Read more
  • Laurie

    Conquer GVHD!


    Sending wishes for all to Conquer GVHD! 
  • Ingrid

    Jessa against GVHD
    #proud #bettertogether


    Jessa against GVHD #proud #bettertogether
  • Kathy

    Feeling thankful for having mild GVHD and hopeful that my MDS friends find treatments that help.


    I see in my MDS many people suffering from GVHD. I had mild stomach GVHD after transplant but but nothing since then - fingers and toes crossed. Have... Read more
  • Wristband

    I wish continued improvement and hope for all the other survivors out there


    As a retired oncology RN and a bone marrow transplant survivor, I want other survivors to know that GVHD can be difficult but it gets better. I had... Read more
  • Together we continue to look for preventive measures to rule out GVHD and treat the side effects in those already affected

    University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium

    Together we continue to look for preventive measures to rule out GVHD and treat the side effects in those already affected
  • Wristband

    Hopefully, in the near future, there will be amazing advances in medicine to ensure that nobody has to deal with this in the future!


    As a social worker, I talk to many patients who are dealing with GVHD and have been amazed by their positive attitude even while dealing with some... Read more
  • Wristband

    Looking forward to improving!


    Looking forward to being able to tie my shoes again (overcome range of motion limits); ride a bike again (regain balance); and walk two miles in 45... Read more
  • Sandra

    My hope is that it gets better so I can live a normal life again.


    What inspires me is my great support team and my wonderful family is there for me every day.
  • Michele

    I know that I am lucky to be here at all, and take no day for granted, no day is bad but maybe less good than others.


    I keep hoping it will get better, not worse. I work hard to keep my precious body as healthy as I can with daily exercise, a healthy diet and... Read more
  • Wristband

    Sending words of encouragement and hope to those struggling daily with this horrific disease.


    GVHD has touched our family firsthand by my daughter's ongoing battle. Unfortunately, this isn't something that most people or doctors for that... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of hope Hands Kash

    Hopefully, someday, there will be a solution for GVHD


    Hello, in honor of my 22 year old son "Kash", who had a BMT 2 years ago and is dealing with some GVHD, our family decided to sport our bracelets all... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Paula

    Be positive. Be active. Stay strong.

    Paul O

    I have been dealing with GVHD for 5+yrs and at times it has it’s challenges, but I continue to stay active as possible, I try to stay as positive as... Read more
  • ECP has helped me, but I need to drive 3 hours each way to get it

    My mom has to travel every week to Boston, MA from Albany, NY (approx.

    Watch the Video
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Peter

    Hope to climb mountains with my brother again


    Both my brother and I suffered the consequences of lymphoma during the past seven years. We were both blessed with the positive outcome of medical... Read more
  • GVHD Wall Bond Jim.jpg

    Despite GVHD I was able to be at our sons' weddings.


    At one point in my 31-year survival of multiple myeloma (which has a 5 year average survival), the oncologist told me nothing was left, I should go... Read more
  • GVHD Wall Nancy.png

    You got this! Keep your head up and continue the battle.


    We all have a different journey and the journey is constantly changing with GVHD. With GVHD, sometimes it is here for the long haul while other times... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Pat

    A brave, resilient group of people.....


    After running a group for transplant survivors who had moderate to severe GVHD, i support this day 100%.      A brave, resilient group of people, who... Read more
  • 2023 Conquer GVHD - Stanford Health Care2

    Conquer GVHD - 2023

    Stanford Health Care

    Together against GVHD
  • VHD Wall Survivor

    Together against GVHD

    GVHD patient

  • GVHD Wall Belgium Leuven

    Thumbs up for GVHD patients!

    Thumbs Up from Belgium

  • GVHD Wall Penn State

    Nurses care!  On the frontlines with GVHD!

    Nurses from Penn State Hershey Medical Center

  • GVHD Wall Michele

    There are not enough doctors who understand GVHD


    I support gvhd awareness because I am a patient experiencing this disease and there are not enough doctors around who understand it and what it can... Read more
  • GVHD Wall Belgian lab

    On Going Research to fight GVHD

    Lab worker

  • GVHD Wall Four hands Belgian

    Together against GVHD

    University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium

    We are stronger together!
  • GVHD Wall we are stronger together Belgium

    Our support for all the patients and families struggling!

    Belgian BMT Team

    We are stronger together
  • GVHD-WristBand-product

    I have experienced GVHD and offer my support to others who are traveling this path. 

    Jennifer J

    Hello!  I have experienced GVHD and offer my support to others who are traveling this path.  Although I was forewarned before my transplant that... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Stanford

    Stanford Supports GVHD Patients

    Stanford BMT Rehab Services

  • GVHD-WristBand-product

    GVHD patients need a strong support system.


    Hi. My name is Diane. And I just wanted to tell anybody that’s reading this that I am a friend of somebody that has GVHD. He recently had a bone... Read more
  • GVHD-WristBand-product

    My sweetheart's full time job is to beat GVHD


    My sweetheart has had GVHD for 5-6 years after a stem cell transplant. He has been on trials from Dana-Farber in Boston to NIH. His full time job is... Read more
  • GVHD-WristBand-product

    GVHD - A Medical Roller Coaster


    My husband is in thankfully two years in remission from acute lymphoblastic leukemia due to a life-saving stem cell transplant.
  • GVHD Wall Joan

    Physical therapy decreased my symptoms


    My doctor prescribed physical therapy and medications that decreased my GVHD symptoms. I am grateful.
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Jennifer

    I wear this bracelet in honor of those I've met who are suffering with GVHD


    I have been an oncology social worker for over 25 years.  I wear this bracelet in honor of all those I have met suffering with this disease.  I wear... Read more
  • GVHD Wall Shoemans Belgian Chocolates

    Support from Belgium!

    Dr. Helene S.

    GVHD is like a box of Belgian chocolates...You never know what you're gonna get. Let's team up to improve the lives of GVHD patients
  • GVHD-WristBand-product

    Knowledge is power so educate yourself and be pro-activev in managing your care.

    Paula M.

    I live with the challenges of GVHD after a bone marrow transplant in 2018.  At times it can actually feel worse than my initial diagnosis of AML.  I... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Joanna

    We will get there and our pain will help those who follow us.


    My husband and I agreed that we needed to keep laughing whenever we could! We often had to work to find food that was palatable since GvHD made a... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Valerie

    We share emotional support


    Hello! I was reading your stories and have my own to share which I hope will inspire others. Even though I had a rough road after transplant and... Read more
  • GVHD-WristBand-product

    GVHD is not always forever.


    I want those who are suffering with GVHD to have HOPE. I am 5+ years post transplant and during year one I had skin GVHD a couple of times.  Although... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Dave

    Know there's a brotherhood of people who "get it" and care about you.


    I was first diagnosed with MDS about 4 years ago and went through a donor stem cell transplant. It was a rough year-and-a-half living in a virtual... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Sharon

    Progress in GVHD is painstakingly slow


    Progress for GVHD is so painstakingly slow. Even more frustrating is that the medical community does such a poor job of preparing transplant patients... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Sue

    I found hope through BMT InfoNet's GVHD Support Group

    Sue S.

    As a caregiver (wife) of a GVHD patient, I found support and hope in the GVHD caregiver’s support group offered through BMTInfonet.
  • GVHD-WristBand-product

    I hope awareness will shed light on this little-recognized illness.


    My daughter has been a GVHD patient with ongoing changing symptoms which are not easily diagnosed or treated. I hope, with awareness, some light will... Read more
  • GVHD-WristBand-product

    Know there is support and help.


    We get it! It’s complicated and everyone is different. Know that there is support and help. But more needs to be done.5-year GVHD survivor.
  • GVHD Wall of Hope John

    Remember to thank your caregivers. They are going through this struggle with you.


    It is hard to imagine this when you are fighting the beast every day, but someday you will have to remind yourself to "stop and smell the coffee" and... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Kathleen

    It's not easy but keep moving forward.


    I support GVHD patients because I struggled with GVHD for 3 years after my transplant. It wasn't easy but I got through it and I encourage anyone... Read more
  • Wall of Hope Tabatha

    You are stronger than you know!


    From a 15-year stem cell transplant survivor, we all go through our own trials with GVHD, unfortunately some worse than others! But together we can... Read more
  • GVHD Wall Jaffee Deborah.jpg

    Don’t give up!


    Don’t give up! Everyone responds differently to treatments. Work with your doctor to try different things that work for you. Now (fall 2022) down to... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Susan P

    Seek out the positive.

    Susan P.

    Seek out positive people in your life, find activities that make you happy or feel productive, and build exercise into your day. You've got this! 
  • GVHD-WristBand-product

    Bless all survivors!


    So Ironic that February 17th is the 1st ever GVHD Awareness Day.  It will be my son, Dylan's 31st birthday. Diagnosed at age 9 with osteosarcoma... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Patient from Belgium

    Don't lose hope.

    Brave Patient from Belgium

    Another brave patient from Belgium!!
  • GVHD-WristBand-product

    Praying for a cure


    Even though my beautiful wife lost her battle with GVHD I will always support the cause. I pray that someday there will be a way to stop this disease... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Kelly

    My children were the reason I fought to survive.


    Keep in mind that a little (or a lot of) GVHD may mean the donor cells will be attacking any residual cancer cells you may have, and you may have a... Read more
  • GVHD Wall of Hope Emily and Corey

    We support GVHD Patients

    Emily and Korey

  • Dawn

    Keep Fighting!

    Watch Dawn's video of Hope

    Watch the Video