Family Caregivers 101: What to Expect When Caring for a Recovering Transplant Patient

An in-depth discussion about the family caregiver's role during and after transplant.

Presented by Ann Breen APRN, MN, OCN Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Vicki Williams RN, family caregiver 

Run Time: 54 minute presentation, 22 minutes Q&A

Made possible, in part, by a grant from Sanofi Oncology and Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Ms. Breen and Ms. Williams discuss:

  • stages of a transplant
  • how caregiving responsibilities change over time
  • caregiver duties during each phase of the transplant and recovery process
  • infection prevention
  • caregiver self-assessment
  • common pitfalls for caregivers
  • cause and management of stress
  • impact on social relationships
  • impact on caregiver health
  • strategies for being a good caregiver while maintaining balance in your own life
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