How Palliative Care Can Enhance Your Life after Transplant

Understanding the services of Palliative Care

Life after transplant is challenging. Juggling doctor visits and advice from specialists, managing pain, working through emotional ups and downs, making future healthcare plans and struggling to put quality back into your life can be overwhelming for both transplant survivors and caregivers alike.

Fortunately there is a medical specialty that can help you coordinate your health care needs and improve your quality of life:  palliative care. Learn how a palliative care specialist can help you achieve a good quality of life. 

In this video, oncologist and palliative care specialist, Dr. Areej El-Jawahri discusses:  

  •  the range of services palliative care specialists provide

  •  how palliative care specialists can help transplant survivors manage health goals

  •  how to find a reputable palliative care specialists

  • Presented at the BMT InfoNet 2017 Celebrating Life Survivorship Symposium in Raleigh, NC. 30 minute presentation, 30 minute Q & A

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