Introduction to Chronic GVHD

Introduction to Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease

In this video, Dr. Mitchell Horwitz from Duke University Medical Center answers these questions:

  • What is Chronic GVHD?
  • What Does Chronic GVHD Look Like?
  • How can the skin be affected?
  • Is Chronic GVHD Ever Helpful?
  • Risk Factors for Getting Chronic GVHD
  • What Causes Chronic GVHD?
  • How Common is Chronic GVHD?
  • How Long Does Chronic GVHD Last?
  • Long-Term Complications of Chronic GVHD
  • Infections in Patients with Chronic GVHD
  • How is Chronic GVHD Treated?

This video is a recording of the workshop conducted at the 2017 Celebrating a Second Chance at Life Survivorship Symposium. It is a 30-minute presentation followed by a 30-minute Q & A session.


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