Learning and School Issues for Pediatric Survivors

Understanding and Improving learning after a transplant

In this workshop, Dr. Melanie Bonner discusses: 

  • the incidence of cognitive deficits/delays in childhood survivors of a transplant
  • the cause and risk factors of arrested or delayed developmental cognitive milestones  
  • strategies for use at home and in school to assist children with cognitive difficulties
  • what an individualize education plan (IEP) is and who can request one
  • where to get assistance in advocating for an IEP or other special help in school, including high school and college

This is a video of the workshop presented at the 2017 Survivorship Symposium. It is 45 minutes long w/a 15 minute Q & A to follow. Dr. Bonner is a Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences with a primary appointment in the Division of Child and Family Mental Health and Developmental Neuroscience at Duke University Medical Center

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