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GVHD patients need a strong support system.

Hi. My name is Diane. And I just wanted to tell anybody that’s reading this that I am a friend of somebody that has GVHD. He recently had a bone marrow transplant a few months ago. They were very much aware of all the possibilities that could arise after the bone marrow transplant. His wife is his caregiver and is absolutely fabulous. But our friend does have some suffering due to GVHD and is on medication because of it. He has some problems with blood clots ,his eyes and mouth and Other things that are requiring medical attention and watching all the time . The bone marrow transplant is life-saving and is the only thing that is the cure for leukemia, however, the side effects of GVHD are very difficult for each patient and the degree to which the patient gets GVHD is very trying and worries some.. The patient needs a strong support system and advocate for them to be the liaison between the patient and his medical staff that are treating his disease. Much patience is needed for the patient that has GVHD because it can stay for varying degrees of time and degrees of severity. It would be wonderful if there could be a miracle drug that would wipe GVHD out , I wish everybody that has had a bone marrow transplant the best of luck, the best medical team, and the best support system with love and caring and patience.