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Despite GVHD I was able to be at our sons' weddings.

At one point in my 31-year survival of multiple myeloma (which has a 5 year average survival), the oncologist told me nothing was left, I should go to a hospice. I refused, instead electing for an allo transplant. The allo and an experimental drug in a clinical trial, saved my life. And helped the FDA approve the myeloma drug, now widely used. A decade ago, I needed another allo to survive treatment-related leukemia (AML). I was 64, but exercised daily, and after 75 consecutive days in the hospital, both my cancers were in remission, where they are today. Dealing with some GVHD is well worth being with our sons at weddings and when grandchildren arrived, and celebrating 52 years of marriage with my caretaker, Kathleen.