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GVHD Wall of Hope Valerie

We share emotional support

Hello! I was reading your stories and have my own to share which I hope will inspire others. Even though I had a rough road after transplant and became disabled by lung GVHD, I found the power of art and humor for healing along the way. I turned to collage art. Ultimately, I created a traveling exhibit of 25+ whimsical footstools with shoes rendered in collage mixed media (and am still making more). The collection led to the creation of FootsieStools Ltd. a 501c3 nonprofit, and reached over 4000 people from 2017 to 2022 (including your survivorship symposium in 2016 and your GVHD patient summit in 2019). The mission was to uplift others going through major illness through collage art/collage writing workshops, and remind them of their happy "sole" inside despite all the suffering . I am currently writing my transplant stories as a memoir.